Application Performance Monitoring

Get detailed, code-level insights into your server-side performance to help you quickly and easily identify and resolve issues.

Get a complete picture of your application performance

Palzin Monitor simplifies the process of monitoring applications by offering insights that can be acted upon, enabling the detection and resolution of performance issues in a comprehensive manner.

Transaction Metrics

Visualize the areas where your application spends most of its time by drilling down into its transactions.

Database Monitoring

Quickly identify and resolve sluggish database queries within your intricate architectural schema.

Network Call Performance

Examine the cluster of network requests impacting your request time and throughput for that particular request.

API Failures

Discover hidden API failures in your application within minutes.

Transaction Traces

View the code breakdown to preempt hard-to-locate problems.

Error Monitoring

Expeditiously pinpoint actionable insights for resolving performance bottlenecks and exceptions.

Smart Alerting

Rapidly detect critical production incidents via your preferred alert platform.

Runtime Metrics

Observe logs, infrastructure metrics, and VM metrics within the scope of the initial request.

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Unprecedented Server-side Visibility

Palzin Monitor offers more comprehensive server-side performance insights compared to other top APM solutions, enabling you to guarantee the delivery of an outstanding digital experience.

  • Palzin Monitor also offers industry-leading support for PHP Framework, and Node.js, and you can get set up in minutes with a lightweight composer package and just a few lines of code
  • Plus, Palzin Monitor has simple on-demand pricing that starts from $15 per month.
Track project status and keep your team on the same page.

Visualise how your code is executing and take action

Palzin Monitor makes it simple to observe and understand how your code is being executed so you know exactly what went wrong and how to fix it. With Palzin Monitor, you can:

  • See how every trace loaded by the millisecond, segmented by methods, requests, queries, and external API calls.
  • Make sense of asynchronous threads with expandable, visual trace views.
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Deep code insights

Palzin Monitor is built to avoid firefighting. Analyze your application performance anywhere it is deployed (hint: the earlier, the better) with deep code insights such as:

  • Function call level
  • Time, I/O, Memory, SQL, HTTP
  • Runtime engine caches

Create an unbeatable issue resolution workflow with Palzin Monitor

Get to the root cause of performance problems faster with the following steps:


Palzin Monitor's modern and intuitive UI makes it painless to find and fix your most high-impact issues.

  • Step 01.

Take action

Obtain diagnostic information at the code level for performance problems, together with their respective traces.

  • Step 02.

Measure results

Ensure your entire team has visibility with dashboards and track the effects of optimizations.

  • Step 03.

Streamline your processes and reclaim your time with fewer tools.

Say goodbye to the hassle of checking multiple tools.
Palzin Monitor, the all-inclusive website monitoring solution, provides an extensive range of features.
Palzin Monitor serves as a complete replacement for all your current subscriptions.:
Branded status page
Scout APM
APM & Exception Monitoring
Better Uptime
Uptime Monitoring
Cron job monitoring

Similar features in other tools may cost


$25/ mo

50 Monitors

10K Transactions

10 Custom Status Pages

4 Continents

25 SMS / Voice Calls Alerts

Yes, That's 90% less
No matter how you look at it, Palzin Monitor is consistently
more affordable than a malfunctioning website and web application.