Heartbeat Monitoring

Heartbeat monitoring, also known as cron job monitoring, is an essential tool to ensure that all your important cron jobs are running smoothly.

Monitor Cron Job Completions

With heartbeat monitoring, you can instantly receive alerts when an important cron job fails or never gets started. The setup is quick and easy and can be done within minutes.

Monitor Intranet Devices Connected to the Internet

If you want to keep track of whether your intranet devices are connected to the internet all the time, cron job monitoring is the way to go. It is an excellent choice to ensure that your intranet devices are always online.

Use Windows Task Scheduler or Shell Script for Monitoring

Heartbeat monitoring service allows you to use Windows Task Scheduler, Powershell, Shell Script, or any programming language to send HTTP requests to us. We will notify you instantly if your requests do not arrive on time.

Choose Your Preferred Type of Notifications

We understand the importance of timely alerts. That's why we offer various notification options, such as email alerts, text message alerts, voice call alerts, and integrations like Slack, Zapier, and Twitter

Multi-location checks to prevent false-positives

Palzin Monitor verifies every incident from multiple locations to ensure accuracy and prevent false-positives.

Recurring notifications to keep you informed

Set a threshold and recurrence time to receive notifications every three minutes or more.

Custom HTTP requests for advanced needs

Need to set up an advanced HTTP header with a POST method? Palzin Monitor has got you covered!

SSL expiration monitoring

Don't let visitors leave because of an expired SSL certificate.

SMS and voice call notifications for offline alerts

No internet? No problem! Palzin Monitor can call or text you when something goes wrong.

Maintenance windows for uninterrupted monitoring

Set up maintenance windows to pause monitoring during maintenance periods.

Root cause analysis with Post Mortem

Record incident root causes, close gaps, evaluate, and evolve your system.

Response time analysis to improve your site's performance

Analyze your response time chart to find and improve areas of difficulty.

On-call scheduling to alert the right people at the right time

Configure your team's on-call duty rotations to ensure that the right people receive alerts at the right time.

Set up port monitoring in seconds with Palzin Monitor

Palzin Monitor

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Branded status page
Scout APM
APM & Exception Monitoring
Better Uptime
Uptime Monitoring
Cron job monitoring

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50 Monitors

10K Transactions

10 Custom Status Pages

4 Continents

25 SMS / Voice Calls Alerts

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