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Palzin Monitor: Reliable Website and Application Monitoring

Palzin Monitor is a robust and comprehensive monitoring platform that ensures the smooth operation of your websites and applications. With a wide range of features and tools, we provide real-time insights, proactive alerts, and seamless incident management to help you maintain optimal performance and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Monitoring Features

Website Monitoring

Stay informed about your website's status with our reliable monitoring service. Receive alerts before any significant issues occur, helping you avoid downtime and save money.

SSL Monitoring

Don't lose visitors due to expired SSL certificates. With our SSL monitoring service, you'll receive notifications 30, 14, and 7 days before expiration, giving you ample time to renew your certificates and maintain your website's security.

Ping Monitoring

Check the availability of network devices with ease using our Ping monitoring service. It's one of the most widely used tools by administrators to ensure the smooth operation of network infrastructure.

Port Monitoring

Keep track of critical services running on any port with our Port Monitoring service. Monitor email and database servers, or any other specific services that are essential for your business operations.

Heartbeat Monitoring

Make your day-to-day administrative tasks easier with our Heartbeat Monitoring (also known as Cronjob monitoring) service. Keep track of intranet devices and ensure their uninterrupted connectivity, even if they're connected to the internet.

Keyword Monitoring

Use our Keyword Monitoring service to check the presence or absence of specific text in the response body of requests, typically in HTML or JSON format. Stay informed about your website's content and performance with ease.

Service Monitoring

Scope your internal services from your architecture and monitor your 3rd party services with our Service Monitoring service. Stay informed about your services' health and maintain your business continuity without any interruptions.

Domain Expiration Monitoring

Prevent domain losses and outages with our Domain Expiration Monitoring service. Receive warnings before any of your domains expire and take timely action to ensure their continuity.

Nameservers Change Monitor

Receive alerts whenever your domain's nameservers unexpectedly change with our Nameservers Change Monitor service. Stay informed about any unauthorized or unexpected changes and take necessary actions to secure your domain.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

In addition to website monitoring, Palzin Monitor now offers Application Performance Monitoring (APM) capabilities. Monitor the performance of your applications in real-time, analyze impact, and optimize for exceptional user experiences.

Real-time Performance Monitoring

Monitor the performance of your application in real-time with Palzin Monitor. Capture all requests without any code modifications, enabling you to analyze the impact of your methods, database statements, and external requests on your users' experience.

Auto-Discovery of Application Processes

Easily identify application processes that consume resources, such as HTTP requests, background tasks, and jobs.

Execution Timeline

Observe a detailed graphical display of the execution sequence to promptly pinpoint areas that require optimization. Analyze the timeline to determine the statements that hold the greatest relevance in each procedure.

Performance Distribution

Distinguish between good and bad process performance with ease. Our tool provides a fast way to identify and resolve performance issues in specific parts of your code, saving you time and effort.

Error Monitoring

Palzin Monitor collects exceptions and crashes with full stack frames, enabling fast error resolution across applications.

Smart Alerting

Quickly identify high-priority production exceptions and link them to our Service module to receive immediate notifications.

Error Context

Palzin Monitor captures pertinent data such as URL, port, user, app, version, user agent, etc. to provide context for error occurrences and expedite the debugging process.

Additional Features

Integration with Popular Tools

Palzin Monitor integrates seamlessly with tools like DataDog, New Relic, Grafana, Prometheus, Zabbix, Microsoft Azure, AWS & Google Cloud, making it easy to consolidate all your monitoring tools in one place.

Instant Voice Call Alerts

Receive immediate alerts via phone call, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email before your customers notice any incidents, ensuring prompt response and resolution.

On-call Scheduling

Customize on-call duty rotations to ensure that the right people are alerted at the right time, minimizing response time and avoiding unnecessary alerts.

Intelligent Incident Management

Collaborate with colleagues to fix the root causes of incidents and easily debug information with our incident management feature. Streamline your incident resolution process for efficient operations.

War Room Collaboration

Ensure faster resolution of critical incidents with Palzin Monitor's War Room feature, enabling seamless communication and collaboration among responders.

Flexible Incident Escalations

Customize your escalation path based on the incident origin and context, ensuring that the right people are notified at the right time for effective incident resolution.

Postmortems and Root Cause Analysis

Prepare for future incidents by conducting root cause analysis with our postmortem feature. Describe the cause, estimated cost, and prevention measures for each incident, enabling proactive measures for preventing similar issues.

Palzin Monitor offers these features and more to help you maintain high-performing websites and web applications while ensuring the best user experiences. Start your free trial today and experience the power of Palzin Monitor.

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