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Palzin Monitor provides comprehensive performance insights for your entire software stack, enabling real-time monitoring of applications and servers, resulting in increased uptime and improved application performance.

Transaction Monitoring

Within minutes identify server-side performance bottlenecks with the most time consuming transaction, highly detailed breakdown along with percentile and apdex charts gives you a granular view with actionable insights.

Transaction View

Discover the sequence of transactions that might be leading to errors. Uncover patterns and dependencies within your application.

Database Queries

Identify the slowest database queries that are impacting your application's performance. Optimize database interactions for better efficiency.

Transaction Metrics

Find out which transactions are consuming the most time. Pinpoint performance bottlenecks and optimize critical processes.

Visualize Code Execution

Palzin Monitor clearly gives you a clear picture of your API's latency. Visualize code execution to understand where improvements are needed.

Success vs Failure

Monitor the status codes of each request. Identify success rates and failures to ensure a smooth user experience.

Error Analysis

Dive deep into error logs and track error occurrences. Understand the root causes of errors and prioritize fixes to enhance application stability.

Measure and enhance app's performance

Performance of your application matters a lot at present since there are lot of good competition in all market segments. Thus, monitoring your application consistently for its performance does not let you down anywhere and increases the productivity and revenue of your organization.

Get the whole story behind requests

Get the whole story behind requests

Automatically start monitoring all your requests that your app serves, and get in-depth details on how each of your requests perform, which end points have the worst performance, how app errors and exceptions affect your users and start prioritizing your actions.

Uncover performance impacts immediately

Uncover performance impacts immediately

Identify performance bottlenecks immediately with individual breakdown of each request, along with apdex score, user satisfaction report, HTTP failures, Traces and more. Get actionable insights to resolve issues and root cause problems faster.

Recognize anomalies that slow your app

Recognize anomalies that slow your app

Immediately get an overview of the slowest transactions along with breakdown of slow requests by time spent in code, Memory, database queries, third party network calls and more. Dig deeper into each trace to determine the cause of the issues, tie them with custom data, request parameters and what caused them.

Track project status and keep your team on the same page.

Instant notifications

Notify your team with API metrics about the issue in just a single click by integrating with your favourite channel such as Slack, Email, Microsoft Team and much more. Also you can easily send the exact transaction details that you are looking into with the permanent link provided by Palzin Monitor.

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"Palzin Monitor has been a game-changer for our team! It keeps us informed about critical incidents in real-time, allowing us to respond quickly and minimize downtime. "

- John D.

" I love how easy it is to set up monitoring with Palzin Monitor. It has saved us a lot of time and effort in managing incidents and keeping our systems running smoothly. "

- Sarah W.

" The incident lifecycle tracking in Palzin Monitor is incredibly helpful. It gives us a clear overview of ongoing incidents and helps us stay on top of our response times. "

- Michael P.

" Palzin Monitor's escalation policies have improved our incident management significantly. We now receive alerts based on priority, ensuring that the right team members are notified promptly. "

- Emily S.

" Website uptime monitoring gives us peace of mind knowing that our website is always accessible to our customers. Palzin Monitor's monitoring ensures minimal downtime and maximum availability. "

- Amanda H.

" Palzin Monitor's integration with webhooks has been a game-changer for our development team. Creating incidents directly from our code has streamlined our workflow. "

- Jessica M.

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