Concept of Custom Segments

Custom Segments

Monitor custom code blocks inside your application and gain real-time feedback on their execution using Palzin Monitor (APM).

Palzin Monitor (APM) allows you to add custom segments to the timeline of a transaction, providing insights into the performance of specific code blocks within your application. While Palzin Monitor (APM) already reports various types of statements by default, you have the freedom to "wrap" specific parts of your code that you find relevant, creating a more comprehensive understanding of the impact of different statements during execution cycles.

Below is an example of how custom segments appear in the timeline:

A new segment in the timeline

Access the code examples based on your preferred platform:

PHP (PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Slim, CodeIgniter)

Documentation: Go to the docs

Node.js (Node.js, Express, Fastify)

Documentation: Go to the docs

Python (Django)

Documentation: Go to the docs

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