Locations and regions

Locations and regions

Regions define from which locations we check the monitored URL. By default, every monitor is checked from at least 4 different locations. To prevent false positives, an incident is created only after a check fails from at least 3 locations.

To configure monitoring locations, go to Monitors → Select a monitor → Configure → Advanced settings.

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Bear in mind that removing locations from a monitor's configuration might increase the number of false positives as well as increasing the number of incidents.

Palzin Monitor's IP addresses and User-Agent

You can find the list of Palzin Monitor's IP addresses, as well as our User-Agent, in our FAQs.

This option is available in Uptime Monitor, DNS Monitor, Keyword Monitor, API Monitor, Ping Monitor, TCP/UDP Port Monitor and HTTP Status Code Monitor.

Last updated: 1 year ago

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