Integrate Palzin Monitor with Dynatrace

Integrate Palzin Monitor with Dynatrace

Service and Integration

Make sure you have the service and integration already setup for Dynatrace. Follow the link below on instructions of how to create integration and service

Create integration and service on our dashboard

Using webhook with Dynatrace

Step 1

From your Dynatrace dashboard, navigate to > Infrastructure > Hosts.

From the available options, select Deploy Dynatrace.


Step 2

Select create synthetic monitor


Step 3

Click on Create an HTTP monitor


Step 4

Copy URL from your palzin instance service view page.


Step 5

Paste the Palzin Monitor webhook URL.

Click on Add HTTP request.


Step 6

Click on Create HTTP monitor.


In your palzin instance, an incident will be created. That will contain these details.

    "State": "{State}",
    "ProblemID": "{ProblemID}",
    "PID": "{PID}",
    "ProblemTitle": "{ProblemTitle}",
    "ImpactedEntity": "{ImpactedEntity}",
    "ImpactedEntities": "{ImpactedEntities}",
    "ProblemDetailsText": "{ProblemDetailsText}",
    "ProblemSeverity": "{ProblemSeverity}",
    "ProblemURL": "{ProblemURL}"
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