Integrate Palzin Monitor with Healthchecks

Integrate Palzin Monitor with Healthchecks monitors the heartbeat messages sent by your cron jobs, services and APIs. Palzin Monitor integrates easily so get immediate alerts when they don't arrive on schedule.

Service and Integration

Make sure you have the service and integration already setup for Healthchecks. Follow the link below on instructions of how to create integration and service

Create integration and service on our dashboard

Step 1

On dashboard go to Integrations.


Select Webhook and add the integration.

Step 2

Copy URL from your palzin instance service view page.


Step 3

Fill the form and paste the Palzin Monitor webhook URL and save.


Step 4

Your webhook notification has been added.

Click on Test.


In your palzin instance, an incident will be created. That will contain these details.

    "title": "Database Backup is DOWN",
    "message": "Database Backup is DOWN.",
    "status": "down"
Last updated: 1 year ago

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