Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms in Palzin Monitor APM

Palzin Monitor's Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is designed to provide comprehensive performance monitoring and analysis for a wide range of platforms and frameworks. Our APM solution currently supports the following platforms:

  1. Laravel: Monitor the performance of your Laravel applications and gain insights into the execution flow, resource consumption, and code optimization opportunities.

  2. PHP: Track the performance of your PHP applications and identify bottlenecks, slow queries, and memory usage to improve overall efficiency.

  3. CodeIgniter: Monitor the performance of your CodeIgniter applications and detect issues that impact the user experience, such as slow response times or high CPU usage.

  4. Symfony: Gain visibility into your Symfony applications and analyze the performance of individual components, services, and database queries for better optimization.

  5. Node.js: Monitor the performance of your Node.js applications and gain deep insights into event loop delays, CPU usage, and memory leaks to enhance the scalability and reliability of your applications.

  6. Slim Framework: Track the performance of your Slim Framework applications and identify performance bottlenecks, route inefficiencies, and database query optimizations.

Our dedicated team is continuously working on expanding the list of supported platforms and frameworks. We understand the importance of providing monitoring capabilities for a wide range of technologies, and we are actively working to add support for the following platforms in the near future:

  • Python: Monitor the performance of your Python applications, including frameworks such as Django, Flask, and Pyramid, to optimize resource usage and improve response times.

  • Express.js: Gain visibility into your Express.js applications and analyze the performance of middleware, routes, and database queries for enhanced application performance.

  • Fastify: Monitor the performance of your Fastify applications and identify areas for optimization, such as request processing time and memory consumption.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to expand our APM support to include these popular platforms and frameworks. We are committed to providing you with comprehensive monitoring solutions to optimize the performance of your applications across various technologies.

With Palzin Monitor APM, you can gain deep visibility into the performance of your applications, regardless of the platform or framework you are using. Monitor, analyze, and optimize your application's performance to deliver exceptional user experiences.

Last updated: 1 year ago

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