Incident War Room

Introducing War Rooms for Seamless Collaboration

At Palzin Monitor, we understand the importance of effective communication and collaboration during critical incidents. That's why we have introduced War Rooms, a feature that enables instant meeting rooms and brings together all relevant stakeholders on a single call.

What is a War Room?

A War Room, inspired by the concept of Situation Rooms, is a dedicated space where responders can quickly gather and collaborate during critical incidents. When a system-triggered incident occurs, responders need to act swiftly and involve other team members to resolve the issue as efficiently as possible. During such high-pressure situations, the last thing anyone wants is confusion about where the call is taking place and wasting time searching for the right meeting link.

Every second counts when it comes to resolving critical incidents, and that's where War Rooms come in to solve this problem.

Our War Room integrations include:

  1. Google Meet
  2. Zoom (coming soon)
  3. Your personal link (e.g.,,, etc.)

How to Set Up War Rooms?

To set up War Rooms, simply visit your account's Profile section. Look for the War Rooms option and either link your Google Meet account or add your personal room's link. If you opt for a personal room, just paste the link, and you're all set.

Incident War Room

How to Create War Rooms?

Creating a War Room is effortless. From the incident page, click the "Create War Room" button to instantly generate a dedicated space for that specific incident.

Incident War Room Incident War Room

Note: Please ensure that the incident is assigned to yourself in order to create a War Room.

You can create war-room on any type of monitoring incident, Heartbeat Incident or Service Incident.

How Can Other Responders Join Your War Room?

There are multiple ways for other responders to join your War Room:

  1. Invitations can be sent while creating the War Room. Users will have the option to edit the invitation details.

Incident War Room

  1. Users can access the current War Rooms directly from the incident view page.

We are also actively working on integrating Zoom as an additional War Room option. Stay tuned for updates by subscribing to our newsletter.

With War Rooms, Palzin Monitor empowers your team to collaborate seamlessly during critical incidents, ensuring a swift and coordinated response.

Last updated: 1 year ago

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