Discord Integration


Send notifications to your Discord channel.

Creating a Discord Channel and Webhook

Let's start by creating a new Discord channel. To do so, go to your Discord server and then click on the + next to the 'Text channels':

Discord Channel Create

After that, set the channel to 'Text Channel', choose a channel name and choose if you want to have the channel private or not:

Discord Select Channel

Once you have your channel ready, click on edit -> and then go to the Integrations tab -> and in there click on the Create Webhook button.

In there, type PalzinMonitor Bot as webhook name and copy the Webhook URL:

Discord Channel Webhook

Copy the Webhook URL as we will use it in the next step when we set up the notification channel!

You can use our square logo as Bot icon:

Palzin Dark Logo

Attach the Discord Notification Channel to your Notification

  • Navigate to the project Notification Channels → Create Notification screen;

  • Select Channel and select Discord;

  • Paste the webhook url in the Provide Discord Webhook url field;

  • Activate the notifications you want forward via this channel.

Add Discord Channel In Palzin Monitor

Click **Save **to start receiving notifications:

Discord Notification Example

If you want to disable the channel click "Disconnect" and confirm your choise.

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