Symfony Exceptions Monitoring

Exception Monitoring

Palzin Monitor (APM) provides automatic monitoring of unhandled exceptions by default, ensuring that you are alerted in real-time about unpredictable errors.

If you want to manually report an exception without blocking the execution of your code, you can use the following approach:

try {
	// Your code statements here...

} catch(LogicException $exception) {

	// Report an exception intentionally to collect diagnostics data



By reporting an exception, you can collect diagnostic data and be alerted in real-time if something goes wrong in your code. Subsequent occurrences of the same exception will also be monitored.

For more information on how to access the Palzin Monitor (APM) instance in your application, refer to the Access the Palzin instance section.

Exception Details

When an exception is detected, you can view the code within the stack trace and monitor its frequency of occurrence for better investigation.

Exception Details

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