Integrate Palzin Monitor with App Optics

Integrate Palzin Monitor with App Optics

Create integration and service on our dashboard

Using webhooks with App Optics

Step 1

From the dashboard navigate to organization settings and then go to notification services.


Step 2

Select webhooks from the available integrations.


Step 3

Copy URL from your palzin instance service view page.


Step 4

Paste the Palzin Monitor webhook URL and Add.


In your palzin instance, an incident will be created. That will contain these details.

    "alert": {
        "id": 1324235,
        "name": "collectd.high.load",
        "runbook_url": "",
        "version": 2
    "incident_key": "<key that uniquely identifies this alert incident>",
    "account": "",
    "trigger_time": 144432177459,
    "conditions": [
            "id": 1150312670,
            "type": "above",
            "threshold": 2,
            "duration": 300
    "violations": {
        "example-ubuntu-14.04": [
                "metric": "collectd.load.load.shortterm",
                "value": 7.190000031572205,
                "recorded_at": 1444312177454,
                "condition_violated": 1153120670,
                "count": 31,
                "begin": 1444312177140,
                "end": 1444131277440
Last updated: 1 year ago

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