Mute Incidents

Mute Incident

Mute all alerts 🚨 (or switch off all alarms) for an incident so you can continue your work fixing it.

How to Mute Incident

For every incident and it's repeated incidents, you can choose to mute all alerts for a specific period of time. Following are the time options currently available -

  1. An hour

  2. 10 hours

  3. A day

  4. A week

  5. A month

  6. Forever - (note: be careful with this)

Mute incident or switch off alarms

Mute incident or switch off alarms

Note: The mute incident is available only on Service Integration.

Use cases

Not all incidents are critical, also, not all incidents need to be worked upon instantly. For all those low handing fruits, you can now mute the alerts and just log these incidents on Palzin Monitor.

Last updated: 1 year ago

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