Slack Integration

Slack integration

Using Slack with Palzin Monitor

This integration allows you to receive incident alerts directly in Slack.

The incident alert message includes information about the monitor, as well as the options to acknowledge the incident or to view more details in Palzin Monitor.

Since the incident alert is posted as a regular Slack message, you can create a thread under it - tag your colleagues and quickly start collaborating.

Before configuring this integration, please make sure you have a dedicated Slack channel that you will use for incident alerting.

If you don't have one, you can create a new one, and name it for example #uptime, #incident-management or #on-call.

Connecting Slack with Palzin Monitor:

  1. Go to Notifications Channels.
  2. Select Slack from dropdown.
  3. Add slack webhook URL.
  4. Check on senario when would you like to be notified.
  5. You can enable/disable button of Status.
  6. Click on Save.

Slack Notification

Now all new incidents will automatically be posted into this Slack channel, as well as all monitor's alerts.

Slack Notification

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